Sending One Email a Day has taken my small Barcelona company from $0 to $70K monthly recurring revenue and global recognition. I'm Gerard. Ask Me Anything!

Gerard Compte
Jan 11, 2018

I worked as a salesperson for over 10 years.

One day, I was faced with a challenge: finding key decision-makers’ emails at Google and Microsoft. I found the emails and reached out to these folks. They brought amazing growth to the company I was working at.

I was so impressed by the impact of one single email that I decided to leave the company and start my own around email prospecting. It's called FindThatLead.

Since then, I've lived by this mantra: Send One Amazing Email a Day

It’s that simple…

And it has the potential to change your life.

I’ve been doing it for the past couple of years and I can safely say it’s been the foundation of FindThatLead’s growth.

We went from $0 to $70K MRR in three years and are now closing in on 40,000 users.

My team and I have built features to find individual emails and create targeted lists of prospects.

Our goal for 2019 is to help people find anyone’s emails and social information.

Send One Amazing Email a Day to people you admire, people you disagree with and people that you want to do business with.

Even if there’s not a clear sales goal for the email you send… send it anyway!

Start conversation, make yourself approachable and help people out!

Send One Amazing Email a Day and you’ll create a constant stream of opportunities for you.

Ask me anything about growth hacking, outbound marketing and how to reach out to people using cold email.

- Gerard Compte

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Is it acceptable to use email software in sending out emails? What advantage does this software can offer the business?

Jan 12, 12:34PM EST1

Hi Nemaja. Do you mean software to automate the sending? If that's your question, yes! Anything you can scale and still keep a human touch -meaning, you have to write the email yourself ;) - then it's a good idea to use.

Jan 16, 5:49PM EST0

What contents should be in the email to make it junk mail-proof?

Jan 12, 8:30AM EST1

If you want to avoid spam filters there are a few words that you better not use, like free, % off, or deal. Here's a huge list for you to see what words are best to avoid.

The best advice is to write an email like you wrote to your mother. Keep it simple, write in a conversational tone, and avoid doing commercial offers in there.

Jan 12, 8:44AM EST0

The article is very useful. Thank you! Never thought that so many spam words exist in emailing

Jan 12, 4:49PM EST1

If one email impacts a business, is it also advisable to send out more than one or would it instead destroy a business' reputation?

Jan 12, 6:23AM EST1

I live by the mantra of sending at least one amazing email a day. You can send as much as you want! The more you send, you'll have better chances at people replying and starting a connection with you.

As a matter of fact, we provide a tool to build huge lists of leads that you can use to send mass cold email campaigns. It's called Prospector and you can find more about it here.

You won't destroy your business reputation unless you are sending spammy, unethical emails to people.

If you have a relevant product and pick your target market right, you should be good to go :)

Jan 12, 7:12AM EST0

Compared to software email generator, is it still valuable to have a human touch in the email?

Jan 12, 5:24AM EST1

Hi Sonia!

Absolutely. Nothing replaces the human touch. If you use an automated email generator you are going to be hurting your chances at any kind of success and you'll probably be pissing a few people off.

Send emails written from the heart, with your own personality <3

Jan 12, 7:13AM EST0

How important is the title of the marketing email?

Jan 12, 5:13AM EST1

The subject line is really important. It will define if people open your email or not.

Spend a considerable amount of time working on your subject lines. Always test new ideas to see what works and what makes people open and read your emails.

I'll copy paste a portion of a reply I wrote below:

I always try to keep them short and relevant to what the message is going to be about. If you can make it funny or surprising, that's going to work in your favor.

Remember, the key here is being different enough that you get them to open your email BUT without sounding spammy, cause you'll get caught by spam filters or be thrown in the trash as soon as they see it.

Jan 12, 7:16AM EST0

How to write an amazing letter and to keep formal manner? Not using spam words

Jan 12, 3:33PM EST0

I’m a new author and need to get an email list. I’m stumped because it seems I need to copy and paste each email address. What am I doing wrong?

Jan 11, 8:08PM EST1

Hi Cathy, great question!

Technically, you are not doing anything wrong. You are just doing it the old way.

You can use FindThatLead (and other tools, as well) to build your lists without all the copy pasting. If you choose to use FindThatLead, there are a few options:

Prospector: choose your target market and we'll build a list of emails for you in minutes.

Google Sheet add-on: use it to upload a CSV with the name, last name and domain to automatically find the emails for your list. Download here.

Bulk domain search: generate emails from entire domains in bulk, from a CSV file.

Bulk Social profile search: upload a CSV file with LinkedIn or Twitter URLs and we can give you a full list of emails.

Jan 12, 8:40AM EST0

Are you focused on some specific geographic areas or work internationally?

Jan 11, 11:08AM EST1

Hey Rogercornet, I'm not sure if your question is about the markets we are targeting as a company or the leads we can get for you... so I'll answer both.

For our marketing, we are mostly working with European and US-based companies but really we can work with any client anywhere in the world. We have a lot of clients from India, and some from the Middle East and Australia. We don't hold back :)

Regarding the leads you can find using FindThatLead, they are worldwide! There's more available data for some countries (US, Canada, Europe mostly) but you can find leads anywhere in the world. One of our latest clients uses FTL to source leads in Dubai.

Last edited @ Jan 11, 1:51PM EST.
Jan 11, 1:51PM EST0

Outbound marketing - what do you think is the trend that will follow it/replace it if any?

Jan 11, 10:42AM EST1

Outbound marketing will never disappear. This is YOU going after your customers, so that's not going to stop anytime soon.

The trend is this year is Facebook groups (cause Facebook is limiting reach everywhere else on their platform) and chatbots.

Groups are an amazing way to connect with a lot of followers and advocates of your product at the same time. We run the Growth hacking & Outbound Marketing group on Facebook and would be thrilled if you all joined us there.

Chatbots are great, but only if you can make them human enough for people to interact with them.

Jan 11, 4:10PM EST0

How do you work with regards to privacy? What if someone does not want their email to be found?

Jan 11, 6:40AM EST1

Great question Michellec!

If someone wants to be removed from FindThatLead, they only need to ask us and we will remove them from our databases. A simple email to support [at] findthatlead [dot ] com and it gets sorted out as fast as possible.

Jan 11, 1:55PM EST0

What is the best option to reach out to lead: Cold email or Cold call. Please suggest. Thanks!

Jan 11, 2:14AM EST1

My mantra is Send One Amazing Email A Day. This is the foundation of my business and the main channel for our growth.

Don't get me wrong... I love picking up the phone and talking to people. But I don't use it too much for sales. I do it mostly to speak with current customers and learn about their pains and struggle (something everyone should do!! I try to talk to 10 different customers a day!)

Cold calling is a great way to grow, but I'm going to have to say cold email is better. It takes less time, fewer resources and it's easier to scale. And when you do it right, you can have great success with it.

Last edited @ Jan 11, 2:02PM EST.
Jan 11, 2:02PM EST0

Do you remember your first amazing letter? I'm very interested in

Jan 12, 1:11PM EST0

How does your service compare to other tools to find emails that are on the market?

Jan 10, 11:02PM EST1

I already replied to a similar question below, but I don't want your question to go unanswered, so allow me to copy-paste:

I want to mention 3 things:

  1.  Our chrome extension is working perfectly and you can use it to get emails from domains you are browsing or from LinkedIn. Other tools had a similar extension but those were banned.
  2. The Prospector tool is an amazing way to build highly targeted contacts that you can use to feed your sales team with constant leads.
  3. The team. We love what we do and we put that love into the product.

Jan 11, 4:14PM EST0

When sending cold email how do you balance sounding personal with the volume of mails you need to send? As in even if you want to keep it personal you can not achieve it if you have to reach a lot of people, how to resolve that?

Jan 10, 9:36PM EST1

There's a difference between 1-on-1 cold email, where you are contacting a single person, versus mass cold emailing.

I imagine you are talking about the second case. The best way I've found to do this is to keep the message conversational and not to take it too seriously. You have to let your personality shine on. That's the only way for people not to bring up their "spam" filters on.

I strongly recommend you follow Jon Buchan's advice regarding how to write a charming cold email.

Jan 11, 4:17PM EST0

How do you measure the success of your lead generation business?

Jan 10, 9:02PM EST1

I hate getting drowned in data, so we keep things very simple in FindThatLead.

We focus on a single major KPI at the time. Last year it was MRR. This year is the number of users we want to reach.

Don't overcomplicate things. If you do the basics right and focus everyone on your team on a single goal, success is inevitable.

Jan 11, 4:12PM EST0

I think you're a very good leader!

Jan 12, 1:52PM EST0

Can you tell us an important tip on how to come up with a great email content?

Jan 10, 3:43PM EST1

Try sending out each email as if you were writing to your mother...

Really! Pour out what you feel inside.

Every one of us has magic inside. And if you managed to build some of that magic into your product, then you can use that to contact people.

In my case, sending emails has really changed my life. That's why I built a business around it. Cause I want others to source the emails of the people that could change THEIR lives.

The content for the emails should be YOU. You are the best piece of content. In the B2B world, this works amazing.

We love hearing personal stories of people going from a shitty situation to total success, right?

So... use that. Use your own magic. Your own story. And write the email as if you were writing to your mom.

Keep them short. Make it emotional. One simple call to action and then your signature.

Good luck!

Jan 11, 2:11PM EST0

What are the best indicators that a prospective contact will respond positively - age, sex, nationality, sector ...

Jan 10, 3:17PM EST1

Forget about the demographics, Paul!

Seth Godin says "Market with people, not at them"If you have a great product that benefits people, then you are going to find the right market for you and get the response you want.

The data is important, but it is more important to use the channel they are using (could be email, Facebook, door to door sales) and show them love and value through that channel. That's how you get them to reply to you.

Jan 11, 2:16PM EST1

Why do you think cold emails are important?

Jan 10, 6:15AM EST1

Startups need to be known. They have 2 options for growth:

  1. Organic
  2. Paid advertising

If you have millions of dollars to spend, then put money on Facebook, Google and you'll have great results. You can have an ROI of $2 or $3 for each dollar you spend.

But if you don't have this kind of budget to grow your business... cold email is the way to go. Here are three reasons why:

  1. You choose the target market. You have a strong control over this.
  2. You can send any message you want.
  3. You can start a conversation and reply at any time you want.

Cold email is probably the cheapest, easiest way to get your company out there, raise awareness, convince influencers, and get new customers.

Jan 11, 2:21PM EST0

Can you tell us more about your background?

Jan 10, 5:41AM EST1

Let me tell you something about my background...

At some point, I was so poor that I had to sell my microwave to keep my business alive.

I was so damn poor that my wife left me.

I was beaten up. Zero confidence in myself. Then I started sending out emails and everything changed.

I know it sounds like some voodoo magic that you can't believe... but it is true.

I'm a sales guy. My father was a sales guy, too. But my mother is a spiritual guru. You need to be spiritual but (if you run a business) also think about the money. I'm a great combination of both of them. This helped during the toughest times in my life and led to me where I am today.

Jan 11, 2:28PM EST0

Did you have a certain idea of your business when you started?

Jan 12, 3:04PM EST0

What tips can you give newbies in writing emails?

Jan 10, 12:55AM EST1

You are probably better than me at sending emails right now!

I make mistakes and I'm dyslexic. But guess what? I send the emails anyway. I send them out every day, a lot of them.

Rule #1: Do not kill your emails before they go out. Write from the heart and send them out. It is better to send out a bad email than not sending one at all. A lot of folks write the email, spend hours editing it trying to make it perfect, then they delete it cause they are afraid of what people are going to think. Don't do that!

Rule #2: Show some charm. Surprise them with humor.

You have to get people's attention. Otherwise, they'll trash your email right away. Follow Jon Buchan on the Charm Offensive group to learn more about his cold email techniques.

Rule #3: Get feedback!

Ask someone that fits your target market to read your email and give you their thoughts.

Rule #4: Always be testing!

Test new things all the time. Be bold. Don't worry about what could happen.

Rule #5: Automate

Use a tool like Woodpecker to automate sending out the emails and following up with people.

Rule #6: Read a lot of emails.

Register to a bunch of newsletters and see how other people write their emails. Steal the best ideas you can find... the ones that make you feel or do something.

Rule #7: Have an amazing product

This is key. If you want to get people interested... you are going to have to deliver the goods. Even if you can get them to open and reply to your emails if your product sucks then you won't turn them into customers.

Rule #8: Enjoy it :)

Enjoy the thrill of contacting new people all the time and getting them to like you using words on a screen. This is not about spamming people but making a connection with them.

Jan 11, 2:42PM EST0

How do you see the business 5 years from now?

Jan 10, 12:40AM EST1

I know FindThatLead is going to be successful :) We've been growing steadily for the past three years and we've built a team that is ready to kick some ass (thanks to all of you guys if you are reading this!)

We are probably going to add more social integrations to our tool. You'll be able to get Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin profiles for your leads, not only their emails.

We are also working hard on adapting FTL to work as a communication tool on Facebook and other social channels.

We are already implementing a few of these ideas right now.

Jan 11, 2:46PM EST0

Wish you good luck! How big is your team?

Jan 12, 3:42PM EST0

What is a good subject line in your opinion?

Jan 9, 10:57PM EST1

This is a tough question. There are so many types of subject lines...

  • Using emojis
  • Really short -even single word- subject lines
  • Making them very long so they get your attention
  • Putting the name of the person in the SL

I always try to keep them short and relevant to what the message is going to be about. If you can make it funny or surprising, that's going to work in your favor.

Remember, the key here is being different enough that you get them to open your email BUT without sounding spammy, cause you'll get caught by spam filters or be thrown in the trash as soon as they see it.

Here's an example.... If you are selling chairs why not try something like "let's sit down for a talk" or just the number four, which looks like a chair!

Keep testing and have fun with it.

Jan 11, 2:51PM EST0

What things do you want to improve for FindThatLead?

Jan 9, 10:54PM EST1




FindThatLead is a moving MVP. We are constantly growing and we need to keep up with what our customers want.

We want to:

  • Grow and refine our database
  • Let you send emails directly from the tool
  • Add social media integrations
  • Find more ways to automate your list building
  • Help agencies doing prospecting for their clients

So many ideas! If you have one, I'd be happy to look into it with you :)

Jan 11, 2:54PM EST0

Wow! Do you plan to expand over the next few months?

Jan 18, 8:17AM EST0

How many people are in your team? How did you get the team together? Where do you go to hire talent?

Jan 9, 10:53PM EST1

Alejandra, thank you very much for this amazing question. Muchas gracias!

Right now we are a team of 10 and it's like a dream.

Cristian is our CTO and the other half of the business. Then for the rest of the team, we hired them in a very intuitive way. Most of them approached us or reached out to us somehow.

We've never published a job ad or job posting on social media. That's crazy!

When you are engaging people because your business has a following, there's always going to be someone you find to be a great fit for your company. It's like a chemistry thing. And money is never their priority when this happens.

I hope this answers your question.

Jan 11, 2:58PM EST0

How did you get your first paying clients? Was it the way you imagined and planned it or not?

Jan 9, 9:50PM EST1

Our first customer signed up on May 6th, 2015. It was a small company from Spain.

A couple of days before that we had a peak of searches going to our site. We decided to add a paying subscription to our service right there. We added a PayPal button and they bought!

It was the happiest moment of my life. We still have that customer. They have a free account.

It definitely wasn't as planned, haha. But you have to go with whatever you are dealt with.

Jan 11, 3:03PM EST0

How do you feel about the people on the other side - so those who's emails are being found? Does it not get too much at some point, where do you put privacy into this?

Jan 9, 9:14PM EST1

I always tell people to pick their target with care and send the emails with love.

If you have a product that can benefit people, or even change their lives... then why not promote it? They could be doing a lot better if they have your product and are a good fit for what you are selling.

If someone approaches me with a product that is going to be useful for me, I'll feel grateful that they did. I don't expect everyone to feel the same way, but this is the reason I built FindThatLead.

Also, all the information we use to build our database is public. It's out there on the Internet. And we preach to people about using it in the right way. If we see someone using our info in an unethical way, we cancel their account immediately.

Thanks for your question!

Jan 11, 3:07PM EST0

Can you tell us a bit about the features of FindThatLead?

Jan 9, 6:37PM EST1

Here are a few of them:

Chrome extension: you can download or chrome extension here. We just revamped it! You can use it to get emails directly from LinkedIn or on any domain you are browsing.

Google Sheet add-on: use it to upload a CSV with the name, last name and domain to automatically find the emails for your list. Download here.

Prospector: this is one of our coolest features. You can build highly targeted lists on any vertical in just a few minutes. Let's say you want to target CEOs of Beauty companies in Canada... you can! Take a look...

Bulk features: you can upload different types of CSV files with names, domains, social profile URLs and we'll find the emails for you in seconds.

Email verifier: not sure you have the right email for someone you want to contact? Paste it in and we'll tell you if it is the right one.

Individual searches: find emails from a name + domain, or from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn handles. 

Domain searches: paste a domain and we'll give you all the emails we can find for them.

Last edited @ Jan 11, 4:13PM EST.
Jan 11, 3:23PM EST0

How do you deal with negative criticisms?

Jan 9, 3:32PM EST1

I don't deal with it. I just ignore it.

Good criticism? I take it in. I analyze it. I try to be objective, get out of my own head and grow with it.

I might get angry at first, but then I sit down and think "If someone felt this way, then I should address it". Just don't take anything personal. If you see there's something you could improve, do it.

And then... thank them! Cause they've helped you grow as a person or as a business and they deserve to be thanked. If the said something is because they care about you.

Jan 11, 3:27PM EST0

What challenges did you encounter while building your business?

Jan 9, 12:32PM EST1

Xulian, I've never been to the Everest. But I think building a business is harder than getting to the top of the Everest, I'll tell you that.

This is not just about luck. Or finding the right market. Or building a team. Or having the resources to get you to where you are trying to go. Or seeing your competitors beat you. Or finding customers. Or your PC breaking down before a big presentation. Or the software failing.

It's just so much. It's an endless stream of challenges. But is SO BEAUTIFUL when everything works.

Every challenge is a new way to make your days fun, interesting, and beautiful.

Jan 11, 3:31PM EST0

Aside from lead generation, what other services does your business offer?

Jan 9, 11:53AM EST1

We only focused on doing lead generation for businesses.

But you can use FindThatLead in many ways.

Let's say you are looking for a new job, you can build a list of companies with FTL. If you need to complain to a big company, we can get you the email of the CEO and avoid all intermediaries that won't get you anywhere. You can also find the email of your favorite book author and send them a 'thank you' email.

You can get really creative with what you do with the emails we provide.

Jan 11, 3:55PM EST0

What should be the length of an email?

Jan 9, 9:30AM EST1

If you have the time, you can check my webinar Master Cold Email: Your Way to Life-Changing Growth.

I recommend keeping your subject line short, the body of the email short as well, something personal and one call to action that's easy to follow. Then the signature should be very long were you put your contact details with:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Business Social Media
  • Personal Social Media
Jan 11, 3:58PM EST0

Can you give one characteristic of FindThatLead that makes it stand out in the market?

Jan 9, 8:58AM EST1

I want to mention 3 things:

  1.  Our chrome extension is working perfectly and you can use it to get emails from domains you are browsing or from LinkedIn. Other tools had a similar extension but those were banned.
  2. The Prospector tool is an amazing way to build highly targeted contacts that you can use to feed your sales team with constant leads.
  3. The team. We love what we do and we put that love into the product.

Jan 11, 4:03PM EST0

Our goal for 2019 is to help people find anyone’s emails and social information.

What's your goal for 2018? ;)

Jan 9, 8:08AM EST1

I have 2 goals for this amazing year:

  1. Hit $100,000 MRR in May.
  2. Help 1,000,000 people find the email of their future customers.
Jan 11, 4:06PM EST0
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