My name is Kayla Cooper, I am a luxury interior designer and I own an interior design business, Kayla Cooper Design. I am passionate about all things design. Ask Me Anything!

Kayla Cooper
Nov 14, 2017

For the last five years I have designed anything I could get my hands on. From houses to clothes, I love it all! Currently, my firm designs commerically and residentally all over the world. My favorite styles include contemporary, french and modern. Many ask where my inspiration comes from and to be honest, anything and everything inspires me. Something as small as a button might grab my eye or something as complex as chemistry might provide my newest idea. When I am not designing, I love to travel, spend time with my family, and visit the beach.

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Have you given a stranger a free service? :)

Nov 17, 11:30PM EST0

I am always willing to help anyone and everyone 😉

Nov 18, 9:43PM EST0

Where did you get your training as a designer from?

Nov 15, 2:58PM EST0

I have a formal degree in design as well as working under other designers prior to opening my own firm. 

Nov 15, 3:01PM EST0

You have dealt with international clients. How long would it take you to design a residential location in a foreign land?

Nov 15, 9:00AM EST0

Thanks to technology not long at all. Tools like Skype, FaceTime, email, and more help to bridge that gap. I can design from the US or fly out to handle my project. 

Nov 15, 3:00PM EST0

Yes, indeed! Hey Kayla, I just followed you on Facebook, do you have a twitter account I can follow? 

Nov 16, 3:25AM EST0

How did your family react when you chose to be a designer?

Nov 14, 4:59PM EST0

My husband is always supportive, hands down. My family on the other hand, was skeptical and weary of it. They felt it was a waste and I should pursue a conventional or “real job.” 

Nov 14, 6:00PM EST0

Self doubt. The only way to overcome it is to address it honestly.

Nov 14, 1:08PM EST0

What inspires you the most ? 

Nov 14, 11:35AM EST0

Fashion, art and architecture.

Nov 14, 11:44AM EST0


My dream as a kid was to start a business. I had honestly no idea what I wanted to do, or how, or where, or why; I just knew I never wanted to work for anybody, ever!

Nov 14, 10:00AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 10, 2:39AM EST0

Tupelo, Mississippi!

Nov 14, 10:01AM EST0

Did you have major competitors when you started, how did you plan to compete with them, and how did that plan play out?

Nov 9, 10:38AM EST0

I did. But I never let them stop me. My plan to compete included a different appraoch to interior design, a new fresh style, and youth. A lot of people in my industry are older, traditional, and lacking in modern appeal. I used this to my advantage by implementing a new way of designing in the form of e-design and following an unheard of price structure. This played out in a lot of clients finding my young, modern, honest attitude refreshing.

Nov 14, 10:06AM EST0

What’s integral to the work of an Interior designer?

Nov 9, 9:30AM EST0

Honesty, raw talent, and exectution. Raw talent is useless if you can't execute it honestly.

Nov 14, 10:08AM EST0

What would you do differently in hindsight?

Nov 9, 5:47AM EST0

I would start sooner! For many years I fought with myself about joining this industry, in hindsight, i'd do it sooner

Nov 14, 10:10AM EST0

What’s your background?

Nov 9, 5:27AM EST0

Fashion and design. Prior to working in this industry I owned a clothing line.

Nov 14, 10:10AM EST0

How do you believe evolving technology will impact the way we do business over the next 10 years?

Nov 9, 1:55AM EST0

Evolving technology will impact the way I do business in multiple ways. First, it will help me to do my job more efficiently. Secondly, it will help to transform the way I design. No longer will I be relagated to one place. Throughing evolving technology I will be able to work in all parts of the world from my living room.

Nov 14, 10:20AM EST0

Where do your see yourself in the next 10 years?

Nov 8, 2:48PM EST0

Married to my gorgeous husband, Mom to a teenager, living on the west coast and designing internationally for anyone and everyone.

Nov 14, 10:21AM EST0

How much should I capitalise my business with at the beginning?

Nov 8, 11:20AM EST0

I wish I had an answer for you. Next time i'll have to bring my accountant ; ) 

Nov 14, 10:46AM EST0

Did you ever deal with contention from your family concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits? How did you handle it?

Nov 8, 11:06AM EST0

EVERY DAY. I am the rebel child in my family. I have always had a misunderstood vision. I was always viewed as weird for my creative nature and outside the box thinking. In addition, I was thought of as misguided because I was unsure of my life path until much later in life. Dealing with this has never been easy, but I grew from it in numerous ways. The best advice I could give you is to remember who you are and always follow the beat of your own drum. Never concern yourself with others thoughts or views of you and learn to develop a thick skin. Take people's advice with a grain of salt and always remember your vision. Your vision is your most sacred and valuable possession. 

Nov 14, 10:32AM EST0

What inspired you to start working in this field?

Nov 8, 10:04AM EST0

Fashion, art and architecture. I love them all and find that interior design is the beautiful marriage of those three.

Nov 14, 10:34AM EST0

What is your biggest inspiration when you work?

Nov 8, 1:24AM EST0

ART! I love art. It inspires me everyday and can be found in everything. 

Nov 14, 10:35AM EST0

How long have you been interested in Interior Designing?

Nov 7, 8:51PM EST0

Since I was a teenager and found the beauty in European architecture. 

Nov 14, 10:36AM EST0

Are there any good business resources you can recommend for beginners online?

Nov 7, 8:32PM EST0

Tons! Instagram, Craigslist, Angie's List, and Facebook just to name a few!

Nov 14, 10:38AM EST0

What made you interested in Interior Designing?

Nov 7, 6:41PM EST0

Fashion, art, architecture. I loved how interior design married the three of them beautifully. 

Nov 14, 10:45AM EST0

What are some strategies that you would recommend for making the best use of one’s time?

Nov 7, 4:59PM EST0

A schedule!! Be resourceful. Make high priority tasks the first thing you tackle in the morning, medium priority tasks next and low priority tasks last. Always be flexible and make sure you take little breaks so you don't get burned out. 

Nov 14, 10:44AM EST0

What do you look for in a client?

Nov 7, 4:59PM EST0

A strong connection and a good vibe. There really is something to be said for a strong bond that helps in the creative collaborative process.

Nov 14, 10:48AM EST0

What tecnique is your favorite?

Nov 7, 3:51PM EST0

Client led design. It helps to include the client in the process and allow them to connect with their space even more. 

Nov 14, 10:50AM EST0

Which is your favorite work?

Nov 7, 3:14PM EST0

I don't have a favorite. I LOVE THEM ALL and I am equally proud of all my projects. If I had to choose one though, it'd be my house. It's a space that is always a work in progress but built with the people I love most and represents us all equally. 

Nov 14, 10:51AM EST0

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Nov 7, 1:30PM EST0

Motivation. Without if there is no business. 

Nov 14, 10:56AM EST0

How did you build a consumer culture around your work?

Nov 7, 1:24PM EST0

Social media! It delivers a quick result in a society fueled by instant gratification. 

Nov 14, 11:25AM EST0
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