I'm The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. I wrote "Become A Franchise Owner!" Ask Me Anything! (About Buying A Profitable Franchise)

♛ The Franchise King®, Joel Libava (Diamond)
Oct 25, 2017

My hardcover book, "Become A Franchise Owner! (Wiley Publishing) has been read by thousands of would-be franchise owners. 

I've been involved in franchising since 2001, and have managed franchise businesses, owned a franchise, was a franchise broker, and I've even sold franchises. 

I provide real-life, straightforward information on how to choose, research, and buy a profitable franchise.

You can find my franchise articles on The New York Times.com, SBA.gov, Entrepreneur.com Small Business Trends, Fortune.com, The Franchise King Blog, and many other online and offline publications. 

In addition, I offer online courses, Ebooks, and Private 1-on-1 franchise ownership consultations

So, go ahead and Ask Me Anything! 

Get the answers to your most important questions about owning a franchise. Real answers. 

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