I am the founder of Fairsole, an ethical fashion startup in Uganda. Fairsole creates high quality leather fashion accessories and imporving lives in Uganda through fair trade and social impact projects. Ask me anything.

Luke Mathiesen
Oct 22, 2017

Fairsole is an ethical fashino startup in Kampala, Uganda. We target disadvantaged youths for employment train them up and pay a fair wage. We alo donate 10% of our profits to our social impact projects which focus on keeping young girls from poor familes in school.

At Fairsole we source high quality leather and input materials from around East Africa and hand craft authentic, stylish and robust leather products including handbags, sandals and purses. We also make strong leather school shoes for sale/donation in Uganda.

I started the comapny from scratch. I am from the UK and moved to Uganda to set it up in June 2016. I'm happy to answer any questions you have on starting a business, about Fairsole and how we operate and how we wish to grow moving forward. We have just launched a kickstarter campaign and I am happy to share details about its progress and also receive any tips or advise on how to improve our chances of meeting our funding target. 

To check out our Kickstarter campaing please follow:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/464906010/fairsole-fair-trade-fashion-youth-empowerment-in-u 

For more information follow link to our official website, Facebook or Instagram pages:





Luke Mathiesen says:

This AMA will end Nov 17, 2017 12PM EST

Luke Mathiesen says:

This AMA will end Nov 17, 2017 4PM EST

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