HI my name is precious , I am a professional make up artist , i can make you look Awesome in a sec ........so AMA ( ask me anythimg about make up and beauty )

Precious Obiechina
Nov 10, 2017

ALL my life i wanted to do something exceptional , i wanted to become someone that could put a smile on  faces. Today i am a beauty specialist , it has been my absolute pleasure to make up a huge range of people . I have been creating flawless faces for  brides, fashion, commercials and advertising clients.Now i am  an independent freelance artist Ready to work anytime . Ask me anything about make up and style .


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What was your favorite work?

Nov 12, 11:41AM EST0

What is the most important tip you can share with your client in maintaining their beautiful skin?

Nov 10, 2:22AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 9, 5:32PM EST0

I am Nigerian,from Anambra state.

Nov 10, 2:41PM EST0

what inspired you to start this business ?

Nov 9, 3:19PM EST0

I would say the love and passion I have for makeup and art itself,and also the amazing feeling of making one feel beautiful 

Nov 10, 2:40PM EST0

Do you have a Facebook page I can follow?

Nov 9, 12:09PM EST0

I'm not active on Facebook but here is my Handel 'precious bliss'

you can also follow me on instagram and Snapchat @ iam_khumzy

Nov 10, 2:37PM EST0

Have you seen a decline in the quality of women's facial skin because of excessive make-up wearing?

Nov 9, 10:25AM EST0

There is a saying that goes 'Too much of everything is bad'so yea.. sometimes,people Should actually be comfortable in their own skin,you've got to let your sling breathe.

Nov 10, 12:17PM EST0

Do you think it's okay for little girls to use make-up from a young age?

Nov 9, 10:21AM EST0

It's a talent and also art to me..it's not restricted to any age,but as an African? 'There's time for everything'!

Nov 10, 12:14PM EST0

Do you have photos of your previous wedding makeup work?

Nov 9, 10:20AM EST0

Yes I do.. follow me on instagram and Snapchat @iam_khumzy

Nov 10, 12:10PM EST0

What do you think will be the biggest trend in the next year?

Nov 9, 10:15AM EST0

We are all waiting to see😂😂

Nov 10, 12:09PM EST0

What kinds of products do you use?

Nov 9, 9:14AM EST0

I always get the best for my clients,because that alone can give the flawless look they desire.

Nov 10, 3:01AM EST0

What will you do to make my makeup last and look great in photos?

Nov 9, 3:07AM EST0

In photos? Or for a photo shoot? Well using the right products,makes the job easier and gives excellent results

Nov 10, 2:59AM EST0

How do you charge? By the hour or per person?

Nov 8, 10:26PM EST0

I charge per person

Nov 10, 2:57AM EST0

Do you think that make-up has almost gone too far nowadays with contouring, etc?

Nov 8, 9:28PM EST0

Yes of course I was say it has improved.

Nov 10, 2:56AM EST0

Do you have a team of assistants or do you work alone?

Nov 8, 6:45PM EST0

I work alone for now..

Nov 10, 2:55AM EST0

When did you first ever start using make-up?

Nov 8, 6:17PM EST0

That should be 6-7 years ago

Nov 10, 2:54AM EST0

Do you do make-overs?

Nov 8, 2:44PM EST0

Yes I do

Nov 10, 2:52AM EST0

How hard is it to learn to be a make-up artist?

Nov 8, 2:37PM EST0

I wouldn't say it's hard to learn make-up artistry,if you have love and passion for it

Nov 10, 2:52AM EST0

People can almost completely change their face and features with make-up! Do you think this is right to do?

Nov 8, 2:18PM EST0

The main aim of makeup entirely is to enhance one's natural beauty,I would wouldn't say it changes ones look completely.. But if it does? It should be done for the right reasons,so yea😂😂

Nov 10, 2:49AM EST0

Have you worked on any productions or shows where the make up should, by nature, be more extreme?

Nov 8, 12:43PM EST0

Looking forward to having such opportunity soonest

Nov 10, 2:41AM EST0

Have you ever done bridal make up?

Nov 8, 12:18PM EST0

Yes I have.. several times

Nov 10, 2:39AM EST0

Have you ever got bored of doing anyone's makeup?

Nov 8, 12:04PM EST0

At some point yes darling, but I always want to see the finished look

Nov 10, 2:38AM EST0

What is your pet peeve when people come to you for the first time and need help?

Nov 8, 11:56AM EST0

I would say people who clearly doesn't want to learn but gives the impression they do and rude people.

Nov 10, 2:36AM EST0

What got you into the field of beauty?

Nov 8, 11:35AM EST0

It's definitely the love I have for it

Nov 10, 2:28AM EST0

Still preparing it, but you can follow me on I.g to see some of my work

Nov 10, 2:29AM EST0
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