Hi, I'm Nelson! A software/web developer. Ask Me Anything about software development and web design for your business.

Sep 11, 2017

Nelson here. I am a professional software/web developer. I work as a full time developr with over 500 successful projects.

I am highly proficient in joomla,Wordpress, Html, Css, Php and Java. I'm fast, efficient, and always ready to respond to messages. 

Kindly contact me on kisnelson65@gmail.com for all your software/web needs. 

I would gladly answer all question.



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Can you explain to me what generics are, and why they are used in Java?

Sep 11, 6:35AM EDT0

What sized websites have you worked on in the past?

Sep 11, 1:34AM EDT0

How do I use categories and tags in WordPress?

Sep 10, 7:22PM EDT0

How do I improve SEO in WordPress?

Sep 10, 6:20PM EDT0

How does GPRS work?

Sep 10, 11:05AM EDT0

How do you account for security issues as a web developer?

Sep 10, 11:05AM EDT0

Which WordPress plugins I should install on my website?

Sep 10, 10:40AM EDT0

Can you show us samples of your work?

Sep 10, 7:56AM EDT0

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org? How does one go about choosing one of them for their small business? 

Sep 10, 5:11AM EDT0

How do I make the text wrap about the pictures?

Sep 10, 4:58AM EDT0

When would you use a LinkedList or a Hashmap to store data?

Sep 10, 3:17AM EDT0

What are a few personal web projects you've got going on?

Sep 10, 2:10AM EDT0

What are the major differences between a full-stack developer and a regular one, if there's any?

Sep 10, 1:26AM EDT0

What Web technologies do you typically use for building websites?

Sep 10, 1:21AM EDT0

Do you find any particular languages or technologies intimidating?

Sep 10, 1:00AM EDT0

What is your advice for choosing a school for web development?

Sep 9, 11:54PM EDT0

Does one need to have any advanced math skills to learn Java?

Sep 9, 8:33PM EDT0

Can Javascript be used to protect web pages?

Sep 9, 7:58PM EDT0

How high is the demand for web developers as of this year?

Sep 9, 7:41PM EDT0

What is your experience in software testing?

Sep 9, 7:37PM EDT0

How do you add a blog post in WordPress?

Sep 9, 7:22PM EDT0

I am very interested in learning Wordpress skills. Do you offer free courses about it or entertain how to questions for free?

Sep 9, 1:34PM EDT0

Have you had any projects from large corporations?

Sep 9, 1:22PM EDT0

Yes. l have been part of a team that has handled more than 12 projects from large corporations.

Sep 9, 1:25PM EDT0

Can you name any of the corporations and projects you have worked on?

Sep 11, 12:59PM EDT0

What was the first programming language that you learned and why? Did you go to school for programming?

Sep 9, 12:40PM EDT0

My first programming language was c+. l learnt it in my 1st year in campus and thats when l got interest in being a software developer.

Sep 9, 12:46PM EDT0

Software developing seems to be a very popular subject for many young college students to study, what kind of interest do you need to succeed in your field?

Sep 11, 11:58AM EDT0
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