Hi! Do you find it challenging to start up saving? I'm a Financial Services Provider from Davao, Philippines. I give free talks on efficient savings and investments with protection benefits. Ask me anything! ❤

Sep 13, 2017

We live in a generation where the older ones describe us as the always bored and impatient who want everything achieved in an instant. That's why saving is too difficult for us.

Since we are always in a hurry, we look for quick gratification and end up empty handed by the end of the day. Most of our money go to gadgets, travels, food, etc. These are what we call SHORT TERM GRATIFICATION / GOALS.

I have been enjoying my career with Pru Life UK for the last 6 months. One of my advocacies is to help individuals actualize their dreams of having a comfortable life in the future. If one starts saving up now, his/her investment will surely go a long way!

"Grind now, play later."

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Do you have facebook or twitter?

Sep 12, 2:52PM EDT0

Yes, I do.

Sep 15, 4:51AM EDT0

How can a regular person start saving up and not get tempted to use up all before achieving a goal?

Sep 12, 11:57AM EDT0

Get a life insurance tied up with savings and investment for you to not get tempted in using it up. 

Sep 15, 4:53AM EDT0

What is your investment approach?

Sep 12, 11:49AM EDT0

For my own plan, I chose equity fund.

Sep 15, 4:59AM EDT0

What do you usually advise your clients who are in huge debt? Can being debt free attainable in these days?

Sep 12, 9:09AM EDT0

I advise that though they have huge debts, they can still save. (A testimony of my client who started his savings plan though he was still paying for his debt). Yes, anything is possible but one should work really hard.

Sep 15, 4:50AM EDT0

In addition to portfolio management, do you also offer services such as wealth planning, insurance services, tax planning, estate planning and risk management?

Sep 12, 8:10AM EDT0

Yes, we offer insurance services and estate planning.

Sep 15, 4:46AM EDT0

Do you explain in detail which investments are risky and which are safe?

Sep 12, 5:08AM EDT0

Equity funds are the most risky. Bonds are the safest.

Sep 15, 4:45AM EDT0

What is the best way for me to begin saving money when I have a hard time doing it in the past? I always get a lot of money and try my hardest to save it but find myself broke shortly after.

Sep 11, 9:33PM EDT0

I also had a hard time saving before but I saw the opportunity to get a life insurance policy with investments. Hence, I decided to apply for a plan for me to have forced savings.

Sep 15, 4:41AM EDT0

Are you a fiduciary?

Sep 11, 5:39PM EDT0

Yes, I am.

Sep 15, 4:45AM EDT0

Why is a 30-year mortgage not necessarily the best option?

Sep 11, 3:52PM EDT0

It really depends on how you maximize your income into your investments. 

Sep 15, 4:39AM EDT0

How much contact do you have with your clients, is it by phone or do you visit them?

Sep 11, 9:14AM EDT0

I utilize the social media in contacting my clients. I also ask for referrals from friends.

Sep 15, 4:37AM EDT0

How do you make money as a financial advisor?

Sep 11, 8:39AM EDT0

It's commission-based.

Sep 15, 4:36AM EDT0

Do you have a particular clientele you specialize in?

Sep 11, 5:01AM EDT0

None really but for now, I focus on the millennial generation since I myself is a millennial. 

Sep 15, 4:35AM EDT0

What publications do you read to stay on top?

Sep 11, 3:17AM EDT0

I usually read news about the Philippine and Asian economy.

Sep 15, 4:34AM EDT0

What makes your client experience unique from other financial advisors?

Sep 11, 2:39AM EDT0

100% of my clients are all millennials. That makes my experience more challenging or difficult. Millennials (is) a difficult market.

Sep 15, 4:33AM EDT0

What services do you offer to your clients?

Sep 11, 2:27AM EDT0

We provide them financial management, estate planning and tailored-fit life plans with savings and investments.

Sep 15, 4:32AM EDT0

What qualifications do you need to become a financial advisor?

Sep 10, 7:46PM EDT0

It's different among insurance companies. Are you from the Philippines?

Sep 15, 4:58AM EDT0

Are you an independent FA or do you work for a company?

Sep 10, 6:51PM EDT0

I work with Pru Life UK. ☺

Sep 11, 12:46AM EDT0
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Do you help with taxes?

Sep 10, 6:43PM EDT0

I'm sorry but I can't help you with that. That's not part of my career description. 

Sep 11, 12:46AM EDT0
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Do you work alone or in a team and if a client will go with you, are you their only point of contact?

Sep 10, 5:24PM EDT0

I work alone since I do all the paper works but I have my manager. Yes, if clients would like to know more, they can contact me. But I can only meet those from the Philippines. 

Sep 11, 12:45AM EDT0
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Should everyone have a financial advisor?

Sep 10, 4:54PM EDT0

I believe it's a yes. In fact, you can be your own financial advisor.

Sep 11, 12:43AM EDT0
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Could you show me a sample of a financial plan?

Sep 10, 4:20PM EDT0

Are you a Filipino, Ma'am or a resident in the Philippines? 

Sep 15, 4:29AM EDT0

What licenses, accreditations or other certifications do you have?

Sep 10, 3:38PM EDT0

I am also a licensed Insurance Agent under Pru Life UK. 

Sep 11, 12:42AM EDT0
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How do you figure out if you'll be able to retire early?

Sep 10, 3:38PM EDT0

You will know by evaluating how prepared you are (financially and mentally) before you push through for retirement. Preparation is key. 

Sep 11, 12:41AM EDT0
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Do you inform clients of loopholes in the law and how they can get the most of their investment?

Sep 10, 3:19PM EDT0

During our presentations, we don't talk about loopholes of the law but focus on the benefits of saving or investing early. We consider our plans as the bank's alternative with numerous protection benefits (Insurance).

Sep 11, 12:39AM EDT0
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How would you use technology for my benefit?

Sep 10, 2:00PM EDT0

I would suggest you look into social media accounts that promote wise saving and managing investments. I highly recommend you follow Peng Joon's page. I usually learn tips from him since he's very relatable (I think 'cause he is also a millennial).

Sep 11, 12:36AM EDT0
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What kind of funds does one need to become financially indepenent? Is it possible to retire at 35 years of age? :)

Sep 10, 10:46AM EDT0

Pru Life UK offers several kinds of funds which you can choose from. And yes, it is possible to retire at 35years old provided that you have started early on its preparation.

Sep 11, 12:34AM EDT0
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Do you offer financial management services, such as managing investment portfolios?

Sep 10, 10:31AM EDT0

Do you mean investment broker? In Pru Life UK (Prudential plc), we keep and manage the profiles of our clients but in terms of managing their investments, Eastspring Investments Limited Singapore do the work.

Sep 11, 12:32AM EDT0
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