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Kyle Wilson
Nov 14, 2017

Hello everybody,

I am an accomplished web designer who has helped multiple businesses reach their goals through a website and effective marketing strategies. Feel free to reach out to me about anything via email kyle@wilsonwebdesigner.com or drop a question here. Let's take your business to the next level and get you some real revenue!




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So far how many sucessful websites have you done that up and running?

Nov 14, 5:02PM EST0

So far, 3

Nov 19, 12:45AM EST0

What was one of your biggest setbacks, and how did you overcome it?

Nov 14, 1:02PM EST0

The biggest setback was figuring out my pricing. I would underprice my services which held me back. I found out that as the client picks me, I also pick the client

Nov 19, 12:46AM EST0

What's your toughest  struggle in your business? 

Nov 14, 11:32AM EST0

Educating the client on what a website does for them

Nov 19, 12:46AM EST0

Would you share your most successful story with a client?

Nov 13, 2:46PM EST0

The best thing so far is an online store that has all payments, shipping, ordering etc processed online. Saved them thousands

Nov 19, 12:47AM EST0

Do you work with bespoke code only or employ various technologies?

Nov 13, 9:57AM EST0

I will employ various technologies.

Nov 13, 2:11PM EST0

What would you suggest for newbies in your sector? What to do and not to do when starting?

Nov 13, 9:33AM EST0

Don't lower your prices to get clients. Just as a client has to find the right web designer, you have to find the right client.

Nov 13, 2:11PM EST0

How do you budget your projects? Is it per hour or individual to the project?

Nov 13, 9:03AM EST0

It is per the project

Nov 13, 2:10PM EST0

what are you doing now?

Nov 13, 7:50AM EST0

Website Design

Nov 13, 2:10PM EST0

How do you advertise your business?

Nov 13, 7:22AM EST0

through this  AMAfeed, social media marketing and SEO marketing.

Nov 13, 2:10PM EST0

How long have you been in this business for?

Nov 13, 5:37AM EST0

About 6 months

Nov 13, 2:11PM EST0

Do you have a team or work on your own?

Nov 13, 5:26AM EST0

I have a team. I am the web designer, others are graphic designers/ marketing.

Nov 13, 2:11PM EST0

With all the CMS and “build your own” options that are very accessible and easy to use now, do you see companies like yours completely replaced in couple of years?

Nov 13, 5:23AM EST0

Definitely not. Each CMS and build your own will still require code even though its drag and drop. You won't be able to get exactly what you want.

Nov 13, 2:12PM EST0

Do you choose your clients or they choose you?

Nov 13, 4:19AM EST0

It is both. Clients choose me and I decide if they are qualified or not

Nov 13, 2:12PM EST0

There is a lot to be said about how business owners undervalue the expertise of web based professionals because the service they offer is not physical and not easy to measure. Have you encountered that and how do you solve it?

Nov 12, 9:56PM EST0

Yes definitely. The best way I have found to solve it is just to show the statistics regarding what a website can do for you. If after that they undervalue the website or myself, it simply isn't a good fit.

Nov 12, 11:06PM EST0

Is it hard to convince people they need a good web presence?

Nov 12, 7:53PM EST0

No not necessarily. Generally everybody knows how important it is and if they don't, they will soon find out and come back

Nov 12, 8:44PM EST0

What is the most common mistake you have encountered from businesses when it comes to launching their business online?

Nov 12, 5:37PM EST0

Poor organization when it comes to what do I do when a client contacts me. A lot of clients of mine are unsure on how to continue a conversation and make a sale which is why I now offer marketing strategies to them.

Nov 12, 8:45PM EST1

How has the online scene changed over the past 10 years?

Nov 12, 2:04PM EST0

Online has become the best way to market. It is somewhere where the entire world is able to connect. Social media changed business.

Nov 12, 2:43PM EST0

What would you advice a startup to do first – website, print presentation, lead generation etc – what are the most important things to prioritize?

Nov 12, 1:05PM EST0

I think that a website project should begin as soon as possible. Then from there you work your way into generating leads, placing your business everywhere possible etc. Then this info slowly transitions into SEO and social media marketing

Nov 12, 1:39PM EST0

What do you specialize in – design, programming, marketing etc?

Nov 12, 11:15AM EST0

I specialize in design and programming but I also run marketing for numerous businesses.

Nov 12, 1:35PM EST0

Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 10:56AM EST0

Not sure of a book that says this besides any and all marketing books out there. Here are a few articleshttps://www.entrepreneur.com/article/65204#



Nov 12, 1:38PM EST0

What is the craziest thing you have heard from a client?

Nov 12, 8:48AM EST0

My business doesn't need a website

Nov 12, 1:34PM EST0