Ask Me anything About Starting A business! Online Startup or Store front!

Craig L Carda
Dec 3, 2017

I have years of experience from Startups both Store front and online, I have done Collabrations with all types of niches and am a believer in people doing the right thing rather than taught paid courses! Learn by experience and be prepare to adjust! I like working with niche based platforms and seeing how to adjust it to achieve maximum success! I also do things different, And can help you create a better game plan without using so much of just your funds. I can help with launching succesful kickstarters for example one I just started. KickStarter launch Alot of people like my views and I have good analogies that will help you understand what you are doing and the purpose. I know also about Ecommerce and how to make money that will slowly grow! Do not believe the hype that you will make thousands of dollars your first week. In order to do this you would have had to pre game, Develop the site, Drive a media sources, blogged about it, Did backlinks and researched others. Online is not make money quick! Is it possible absolutely! And most of the time its very enjoyable. And you get what you put in! 

A good example of one of my sites I launched recently doing well https://ugot2havethis.com/

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