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Linda Tilson
Nov 10, 2017

I am looking for talented creatives to help me get unstuck by designing and building a platform for connecting mentors with mentees as part of a mentorship program within an organization. 

This project is currently under construction in my organization using MicroSoft SharePoint.  However, it is my vision to take this model and use it as a prototype to build additional functionality.  My desire is for users to engage and connect with each other inside their company regardless of their phyical location.


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Can you recommend me a good book about this topic?

Nov 12, 11:39AM EST0


Nov 12, 10:28PM EST0


Not a question, but very cool.  I would be interested in helping on this initiative. 


Nov 10, 11:52AM EST0

I welcome your help, Vince, and I will set up a time for us to talk next week.

Nov 10, 12:14PM EST1

Hi, Linda! 

So recently, I received a job offer from a position that I was interested in and went through the motions.

However, the salary that was in the offer letter was NOT what we initially discussed and was quite lower.

I am no longer interested in this position, and quite frankly disgusted by this company's actions.

What do you think would be the best course of action to inform the recruiter of my decline of the offer letter? 

Phone call? Email? Letter?

Thank you so much!


Nov 10, 11:42AM EST0

First of all, this is disappointing and it there is still a small chance that there was a miscommunication.  If it were me, I would call them and tell them that you are excited about receiving an offer but you need to clarify the salary because it is different than what you remember discussing.  This way you go into the conversation with a positive attitude and openness to have a conversation to validate the facts.  If they did low ball you, then it is up to you to politely decline the offer and leave it at that.

Nov 10, 11:55AM EST0

Do we have to study certain books or earn a degree to become one?

Nov 10, 2:24AM EST0

No.  You dont need to have a degree.  You simply have to have a desire to help people to be successful in their own terms.  However, there is good reasons behind receiving training in this area if you are mentoring in a formal program.

Nov 10, 10:09AM EST0

What are the characteristics to be qualified as a mentor?

Nov 10, 12:58AM EST0

Mentors are typically people who have a genuine desire to help others be successful.  In my opinion, the best mentors are invested in the development of people and they take the time to make introductions to people who you should get to know and they help you to see and then they challenge you to leverage using your strengths.

Nov 10, 9:44AM EST0

How can I determine a motivating mentor salary and compensation?

Nov 7, 8:36PM EST0

I am sure I understand your question.

Nov 10, 10:11AM EST0

What question do you think we need to be asking that we haven't asked already?

Nov 7, 3:40PM EST0

Good one.  How do people prefer to work with a mentor?  For example, in person, video chats, or emails?

Nov 10, 10:13AM EST0

Did you need to get a degree to be a mentor?

Nov 7, 3:16PM EST0

No.  A degree is not required.  Serving as a mentor is all about showing someone how to be successful.  Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.  Parents, teachers, coaches, and our co-workers.

Nov 10, 9:47AM EST0

How can I recruit and hire mentors?

Nov 6, 10:02PM EST0

I think you have to ask questions around what they value to see if they align with your organization's mission, goals, and beliefs.

Nov 10, 10:15AM EST0

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Nov 6, 6:28PM EST0

I am glad you asked.  I am still developing my idea and it is my hope that I can implement it and make it a reality within the next two years.  I am making great progress so far and it is exciting.

Nov 10, 10:23AM EST0

Does a company legally have to provide the reasons as to why they terminate an mentors contract?

Nov 6, 9:55AM EST0

I am not familiar with mentor contracts so I am sure.

Nov 10, 9:48AM EST0

How are your communication skills?

Nov 6, 8:42AM EST0

I believe I have good communication skills and like everything, I have plenty of opportunities for improvement.  Recently, I have discovered I have a new talent for storytelling which is exciting for me.  I have always been a super-connector, or someone who meets people easily and introduces them to people they would benefit in knowing.

Nov 10, 9:52AM EST0

What has been the biggest let down in your career so far?

Nov 6, 7:38AM EST0

It has been feeling like I am not enough. Not anymore.  I am choosing to create my own opportunities and it has become very rewarding in a short amount of time.

Nov 10, 10:42AM EST0

If you were the decision maker, what programs for people would be your priority in an organisation?

Nov 6, 6:42AM EST0

Hands down, I have three I am currently working on in my organization.

Wellness and mental health program

Leadership and development program

Facilitated TED Talks to build a community of people who share similar interests 

Nov 10, 9:57AM EST0

How can you become the company that everyone would love to join?

Nov 4, 11:56PM EDT0

Demonstrate the values and beliefs of an organization through your actions.  

I believe the best organizations are ones where there is a focus on learning.  They also encourage a culture where people feel valued because they are invited to participate in decision-making. 

Nov 10, 10:32AM EST0

What is mentoring about?

Nov 4, 8:08AM EDT0

It's about sharing your knowledge with someone who is interesting in learning from you and then supporting them in their journey.

Nov 10, 2:42PM EST0

How long did it take to build up your company?

Nov 3, 2:11PM EDT0

Actually, I am in the process of forming it still.  I have several people deployed in research and development activities.

Nov 10, 10:26AM EST0

What happens when an mentor isn't working out within the company?

Nov 3, 12:13PM EDT0

If a mentor is not working out, the mentee is responsible for politely ending the relationship and then moving on to find someone who is a better match for them.

Nov 10, 9:59AM EST0

Are we changing as fast as the world around us?

Nov 3, 11:21AM EDT0

No, and we should not try to either.  The advances in technology have created a new epidemic.  People are feeling burnt out because they cannot keep up with the fast pace.  We need to take a step back and decide what speed is actually necessary.  Just because you can do it, does not mean you should.

Nov 10, 10:40AM EST0

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Nov 3, 9:57AM EDT0

Every leader should have empathy.  Placing people first is essential.

Nov 10, 10:35AM EST0

What's the best perk from working with mentors?

Nov 3, 7:23AM EDT0

The meaningful relationship you develop is where the value is felt.

Nov 10, 10:36AM EST0

What would you measure to determine whether a mentor was doing an effective job for the company?

Nov 3, 5:00AM EDT0

I would measure if the mentee was making progress.  Are they developing new skills? Did they implement an innovation? Did they receive a promotion? Mentorship is more about what the mentee does with what they learn because it is they are accountable to own their development.  The mentor's role is really about offering support and making introductions.

Nov 10, 10:05AM EST0
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